Get Your Home Ready for Spring

I originally wrote this article for Snehta’s blog on March 14, 2014. Snehta has since rebranded itself into DataClover and removed the post. However, I wanted to include it as a sample of my writing.

Atlanta–This winter especially, it seems like the cold weather will not easily loosen its grip on us. But warmer weather is coming, if this week was any indication. No doubt your home–particularly those in the unprepared South–took some heavy hits with the amount of snowfall and ice it was forced to endure. We’ve compiled a brief spring maintenance checklist here to help you get started in the coming weeks.

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Why Consumers Should Write Online Reviews

This article was formerly posted on Snehta’s blog. The company has since been rebranded as DataClover and the post removed. However, I’ve included it here because it’s a piece I’m proud of with a message I believe in, being a reviewer myself.

When it comes to discovering a small business’ reputation, more research is being done online than ever before. Naturally, this is because it’s easier and more convenient than relying on word of mouth testimonials (which aren’t by any means obsolete). Online reviews from complete strangers, however, are carrying more weight in this ever-increasing digital world.

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