Content Writing: How To Edit a Friend’s Writing

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As a Content Writer at Craft Your Content, I was responsible for making monthly posts to CYC’s blog alongside our team of editors.

This post was an idea I had that Elisa Doucette approved and deals with the inevitable question an editor gets asked by their friends: will you edit my article/resume/book for me?

How do you answer this question? The better question might be should you edit their work? Is it worth the potential loss of friendship? Ultimately, the answer lies in what type of person your friend is. That alone will determine how you can help them, if it’s even possible.

If you’re an editor struggling with this question, see if my insight can help you. If you’re not an editor, it could be worthwhile for you to understand an editor’s mindset to make your pitch to your own editor friend more compelling in the future.

You can find it here:



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