Tech Exec Networks, Inc (T.E.N.)


From July 2018 to November 2021, I worked for T.E.N. as their Senior Cybersecurity Content Editor to develop multiple assets. This included working alongside the Communications and Sales teams to craft social media posts, email campaigns, CEO presentations and speaking notes, and all content for T.E.N.’s live in-person and digital events: ISE® Executive Programs, ISE® Private Dinners, ISE® Cocktails & Conversations, ISE® Fireside Webinars, etc.

Project Goals:

T.E.N.’s clients are cybersecurity solution providers located across the U.S. I collaborated with SMEs from Cicso, McAfee, Qualys, FireEye, Chronicle, and many more to write moderator and panelist guides detailing topical cybersecurity talking points while capturing each client’s unique approach and brand voice. These high-level guides were shared with cybersecurity executives to prepare them to present these talking points to other industry peers. The end goals of each guide and event was to 1) help solution providers network and build business relationships with cybersecurity executives, 2) educate industry professionals on current problems and their potential solutions, and 3) retain and gain new T.E.N. clients and audience members.


To fulfill my role and project goals, I:

  • Started with the client’s ideas or a company whitepaper to craft suggested topics.
  • Researched and studied the cybersecurity topic, terms, and technology by diving deeper into the client’s website, marketing collateral, and blog posts.
  • Wrote a topic abstract to be approved by the client and used to promote their event.
  • Brainstormed 2-3 major talking points with the client’s SME over the phone or by email with which to build out the moderator or panel guide.
  • Wrote a rough draft of each guide featuring the talking points and compelling questions the client preferred executives to be asked, all subjected to client approval.
  • Sent out the final guide to the respective executive moderator and/or panelists and assisted the Event Planning and Communications teams in event preparations as needed.


T.E.N.’s 2021 Audience Survey of Satisfaction With ISE® Fireside Webinar Content

T.E.N.’s clients were often happy with the content I produced for them based on their products and solutions. My relevant content helped T.E.N. gain an influx in both new and returning clients, booking 110 events in 2020 and 104 events in 2021, averaging a 34% increase of events compared to 80 events booked in 2019.

I enjoyed the fast-paced nature of cybersecurity combined with event planning, which helped me learn how to prioritize, develop, and coordinate multiple projects at once. I also learned in greater depth how to represent different clients by maintaining their branding and voice. I took pride in producing error-free work that clients could trust to represent them and coworkers could rely upon as they used my abstracts and email copy to gain audiences for each event.

To learn more about my work with T.E.N., please email me at to ask for work samples. For legal reasons, I am not permitted to share branded guides openly at this time.

T.E.N.’s 2021 Audience Survey of Satisfaction With ISE® Cocktails & Conversations Content

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